Powell’s Reading, TV Appearance, and Other Important Updates

You may not have realized that I am now a prominent millennial dating expert. I appeared on A.M. Northwest earlier this month to give twenty-somethings my advice about how to find love in this crazy hookup culture of ours. Here is a link to that segment. I can’t figure out how to embed it. Sorry. Here’s a screenshot, anyway:
AM northwest
Also, I will be reading from Broken Homes & Gardens on Monday, June 22, at 7:30 at the Hawthorne Powell’s. Check out my Facebook event page for more information.

My writing group is going to do a reading on July 28th, so stay tuned for details. I am sure you won’t want to miss hearing from Mark Russell, who is celebrating the release of the first issue of Prez; or Heather Arndt Anderson, who is coming out with a new book on Chillies (or however they spell it in England); or Sarah Gilbert, who has recently published an essay about lichens and volcanoes and sex, etc., etc. in the Chariton Review; or Art Edwards, who last night read us an essay about being a 9-year-old fan of KISS; or Mara Collins, who says she is not reading at the event but really should (I suggest one of her Lydia Davis-esque pieces); or Michael Zeiss, who is dabbling in experimental Duran Duran poetry.

Aside from those exciting events, I was thrilled to find Broken Homes & Gardens listed as a Romance for Real Girls in the Huffington Post’s Summer Reading List. Also my author friend Christi R. Suzanne interviewed me for Propeller Magazine. I was certainly glad she did. Little did I know that her interview would give me the confidence to become the celebrated dating expert I am today.