Happy New Year! And Happy Pub Day to Me

Rebecca Kelley sitting at the table with a copy of No One Knows Us Here

Happy new year! It’s an exciting day for me—not only is it the first day of the year, it’s the official launch day of my novel No One Knows Us Here, a labor of love that was eight years in the making. It’s also a bittersweet day for me because I know how much my mom would have wanted to live to see it. My #1 fan, she would peddle my last book around to anyone she could. When the ARCs for No One Knows Us Here came out a few months ago, I gave her a copy, and she was able to see the dedication. She read the whole thing within a day or two, and her totally unbiased opinion was that it is amazing! One of the very last things she said was that she wanted to be here for the book launch. “I know it will be a big success.”


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